The plug-and-play AI-powered B2B platform that automatically collects and analyzes all existing data within a company, enabling real-time business traceability.

OmniTrace provides meaningful answers solutions to all businesses on how to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of production, warehousing, and transportation processes. At the same time allowing partnering organizations to automatically optimize the entire value chain.

How it works

OmniTrace’s platform uses AI to automatically and swiftly collect data from all sources: systems (e.g. ERP, WMS, CRM), hardware (e,g, CMMS, RFID, IoT, LoRa, barcodes), documents, emails, chats, additionaly including production, warehousing, logistics processes, and traceability flows. The AI engine then analyzes this data to provide real-time insights into the production and supply chain. OmniTrace also provides recommendations on how to improve efficiency and reduce costs.​



Benefit companies in lowering their operational expenses and saving money as a result by concentrating on areas such as the manufacturing, storage, and transportation industries.


Provides real-time visibility throughout the entire supply chain, from raw materials to the final customer. This allows businesses to make better decisions, such as identifying and mitigating risks, optimizing processes, and improving customer service. 



Businesses are able to cooperate with their partners more successfully when they have access to a centralised platform for the sharing of data and insights.


Assist businesses in increasing their productivity by helping them uncover inefficiencies in their procedures and optimising those processes.

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